Nobody cares about words, so I stopped writing them

Whether they're the truth or lies, their damage can't be hemmed

So I stay resilient in my silence

I don't wish to be known

I pray to stay a mystery to those who want to get close to me...

Afraid I'll believe the words they bestow upon me...

I view life with a new vision

My palette has matured, it's different

I crave an everlasting emotional independence

...I'm retiring from the business of feelings

The Creative

The creative

Often misunderstood as jaded

Transforming visions into creations

Power of mind, body, & soul

Captivated in melodies, & stories told

Sense of time blends the sun to night skies

As he creates masterpieces, the time flies

A man with a vision is my biggest weakness

Filled with strength, with a side of sweetness

Dedicated to his dreams, driven & inspired

Addicted to him, it gets me higher

I close my eyes to picture his mind

What flows through it during these times

Picturing these scenes leaves me elated

Only interested, in the creative...


Just because I'm low, doesn't mean I'm dead

I'm enticed and hopeful about what's to come next

An anticipation creates a rise in my chest

On a path to leaving my doubts at rest

New heights and highs will arise

I finally understand that the limit is the sky

I reach and I touch the surface of my future

I can feel it waiting on me

To break through & follow lifes' lead

My path is lit with a shining white light

No shadows can be casted

Any boundaries in my way, I push right past it

My vision becomes tunneled and clear

Chasing my wildest dreams without fear...


There's a lingering emptiness that haunts me

It comes to visit as the days turn into weeks

I can't seem to escape the grasp of this feeling...

I become weakened...

My life is blessed and my soul is strong

Yet, something in my heart still feels wrong

Love and light flow through my veins

But a sudden shift in energy hides it away

Am I losing it, am I still sane?

Words of praise are embedded in my brain

Somehow, I only can focus on the pain

When I feel nostalgia I begin to pray

...scared these memories are here to stay

My smile hides the darkness living inside

My wounds seem to always open back up at night

I have all the essentials for a true healing

But I still can't seem to escape...the grasp of this feeling...

Sweet Touch

Sometimes I want to hold you

Kiss you on your neck

Ask you how your day went...

I want to erase your stress as my fingers trace your spine

Drawing all of your energy & making it mine

I want you to read my mind through my eyes

Stare at me so long we get lost in time

Sink your soul into my roots

Let my love be your bodies fruit

Let me nourish you

Let me heal you


I know this feeling, I felt it before

Peaking on a height I want to explore

But my mind keeps turning

Can my higher power feel me yearning?

Are my feelings extraterrestrial?

Or is this sensation self-inflicted?

Caught between what is right and what is offered

My life decisions have to be well-calculated, and smarter

I seek comfort in a human form

However, I know how my spirit was born

I am not faithful, I am not loyal

To the all-knowing

I get cross-faded for a sense of euphoria 

I lose my memory

Then it comes back, and my memories still exist

I can feel empty at times, living in a motion

Then inspiration strikes and I feel closer

You live in me

I am yours

I apologize for selfishly taking detours

I pray to you to fill my voids

I don't say a word, but you can always hear my voice...

A Typical Poem

I crave a free spirit 

I long for a pure heart 

I pray for prosperity 

I wish for progression 

I seek positivity 

I feed off light 

I don't welcome pain 

I don't welcome black magic 

I crave a free spirit....

One that lives seamlessly 

Floating through life dreamily 

Heaven exists, it is also created 

I want a depth in life that cannot be faded 

I will sync with my spiritual guides

For, they only tell the truth, they never lie 

And I will meet my eternal happiness 

Soul Tied

I can feel you, when you leave 

An energy is gone 

My body naturally yearns for you

But my mouth is quiet 

I've got a battle within my body 

You swim through me, you are inside 

While my mind tries to detox

My heart is the first thing you find 

Love, regret, and pain 

But I still get ignited when you recite my name 

My soul is tied, with no sign of disguise

I am readable 

Your hands touch my back, and my spine reacts 

My stretches become deeper, my breath contracts 

You own my spirituality 

I try to repel the power of your presence 

I won't come near, can't risk it or chance it 

.....but you win, every time 

Now starts the same battle of heart vs. mind

The Thrill

The feeling of something new

Getting to know everything that makes you, you

The excitement in the words flowing from your lips 

The anticipation of how your hands will feel grasping my hips 

Or my back, or my thighs 

I only know your truths, not your lies 

Your stories of life relate to mine 

So caught up in interaction, we lose track of time 

Connections growing 

Exploring the all-knowing 

Of one another 

I deprive myself of human contact 

But you were so divine in abstract 

That you got me 

I've experienced this feeling before 

But with each person it's different 

I long to share myself with you, something non intended 

...I couldn't resist it 


Inspiration strikes in my loneliest hours 

Is the fantasy world selfish or all ours? 

Are these visions planted in my head by a higher power? 

What do I believe? 

Is it him or is it me? 

Getting these ideas off is an endless dream 

I won't stop until it's achieved 

Finding my purpose, tapping into my fate 

As long as I keep pushing it'll never be too late 

I have a certain taste for success 

Always creating images of what's next 

I'm honestly just a voice that wants to be heard 

I never want my direction to become blurred 

All of my potential will soon be served...

Have I put in my 10,000 hours? 

This is what I think about in my loneliest hours....


Transitional phases

Energies shifting at different paces

I am elated

My mind is open

My soul is free

Words slip through my lips with ease

Because they are spoken with truth, not the intent to appease 

I am pure of heart and washed of sin

All of my thoughts will end in a win

Life is created, not controlled

My ideas cannot be bartered, stolen, or sold

I am driven

I feel myself getting closer to success

Vivid visions of the future cannot be put to rest 

Manifestation of my dreams 

Reaching my own points of desire

No other feeling can take me higher...


Embrace the sun

It is a source of energy and internal love

Breathe into your pain

Deep breaths will take it away

Stretch your frame

Your mind will naturally do the same

Find balance in silence

The earth can only hear you when you are quiet

Rinse your soul of malice

Remain peaceful, even if it is a challenge 


The weight of bad memories is too heavy

Let Go

A clear spirit moves more steady

Love unconditionally 

Love with purpose

Love with your heart

This is the greatest start