Stroke That Man's Ego / by Katie Alyce

It is common knowledge that a man's ego is one of his most prized possessions. In relationships this can be both a problem, and a benefit. However, women too are egotistical and have different requirements to fulfill this characteristic. Where do couples find the balance? Is it mutually satisfying on both behalves? This is important to keep in mind, but not the focus of this blog post. This post is for the men. Typically, you hear stories of men making a mistake in their partner's eyes and having to go through hell and back to win her love and compassion back. I am guilty of participating in this act. You want me back? Prove it. This same situation applies to our men though, ladies. If you have done something to upset him, cause a subconscious insecurity, or chip at his ego - it is only right to mend him the way you would expect to be. Stroke that ego. Fight for what you love (if it is worth it). Our men deserve to be shown as much dedication and loyalty as women require. I know firsthand it can be hard to bow down, especially when you also have feelings towards certain situations or disagreements. But sometimes you have to. Empathize with him, find understanding in his points, even if they do not coincide with your feelings. Let him know you are hearing his concerns and needs out. They love that shit. I am still a work in progress but I am learning in which cases to side with him, right or wrong. We have to support our partners. We have to listen to them in the same ways we want to be heard. There have been many conversations that unraveled feelings I wasn't aware he had, or things he observed that he was not pleased with. We have to be open to hearing about ourselves, just as much as we tell them about themselves. The most important thing I have learned about relationships is the ability to compromise where it is needed. Now, I'm not saying compromise your morals, desires, or standards. What I am saying is compromise on differences in feelings and approaches to repairing hiccups. When I screw up, I truly feel bad inside. This makes it a bit easier for me to let my defense down and cater to him. Like I said......I am a work in progress, and have needs of my own, but I try to show him I am in tune with his love languages as much as mine. If from here on out we focus on the fact that it would hurt more to lose him, than to bow down and work our problems out with him, we just might make some progress. Of course, this is case by case sensitive, and many factors must be considered. But, if that's your man and you love him and don't want to lose him - stroke that ego, girl. Make him know you're there, you're with it, and not going anywhere. Call him daddy, and rub his back if he's into that kind of thing. Supply that feminine energy that compliments his masculinity. He deserves it.