Certainty / by Katie Alyce

I'm guilty of letting my temporary situations give me a false sense of uncertainty. I will believe my life in its entirety is off track if I have even the slightest feeling of doubt in any area of my life. If my goals are off track, I feel uncertain, if my love life is off track, I feel uncertain, if my day job is off track, I feel uncertain. However, time and time again situations like this prove to be temporary. I may be behind on my own timeline, but it doesn't mean my goals aren't still attainable. I may get into a petty argument, it doesn't mean I'm not loved. I may have a rough day at my job, but that has nothing to do with my life outside of the office. I have to realize that I am capable of always being secure, so long as I don't let momentary emotional changes alter how I view my life. I have to really focus on having tunnel vision. Only I know how important achieving my short term goals are. It is my responsibility to get them done, to my satisfaction. I haven't been going hard. I've been my situation, I haven't created my situation. The first quarter wasn't everything I expected, but it was far from a fail. I still have all of 2017 to reach the list of goals I determined for myself. Although there are definitely things I could've avoided, I'm not currently displeased with how these first few months turned out. I have to experience hardship or I will never have something to compare this productivity to. I would have nothing to compare my happiness to. Sometimes I have to really see the potential of losing to motivate me to win. That's all I want to do. I don't want to harbor negativity or ill feelings. I want to pursue my dreams, make substantial money, and live freely. I want to indulge in my creativity so much that others can't help but acknowledge it. I'm forever speaking on wanting to get these ideas off, and I will. Now is the time.