The Present / by Katie Alyce

So, this is where I’m at in life. I’m on my feet. I have everything essential for survival. However, I’m also getting closer to having complete peace of mind & spirit. I have found, lost, and regained love over a summer. I have found inspiration to start pursuing passions I let get overshadowed by living a routine life. I am still working through my flaws and trying to correct them. I am setting the foundation for the lifestyle I want to have. I envision who I am at 27, I envision where I will be at 30. I am constantly thinking, and feeling. So much inspiration touches me through experience, observation, and purpose. I honestly do believe everything happens for a reason, even the bad. I was molded into the person I am today by going through everything I have faced thus far. There were times I couldn’t imagine why my life was the way it was, and now I know. I have so much to share with the world, so much to teach. I believe in myself, like really really believe in myself. I have people to prove wrong, but I also have people to prove right. Anybody who has ever doubted me, those words stay with me. However, anybody who has ever praised me, those words are forever in my heart. I have an impressive memory which can also cause me pain for pondering on the past, but it also helps me reference my own life. I remember what it was like to write a story for the first time, I remember the first person I loved, I remember music that touched me as a child. I just want to be heard, and understood. I want to be felt…whole heartedly. I want to inspire the thoughts of others when they talk to me or read my confessions. I protect my energy. I have spent a lot of time letting other people and standards alter my decisions. Not anymore, everything is based on me. I am going to do everything I imagine. That’s a promise.