Who I am is true to me. I am the only living person who has experienced every thought in my head, every vision in my imagination, and every memory in my life. So how I view myself is extremely personal. I want to start by saying I am aware of my imperfections. We, as people, like to praise ourselves without shedding much light on our short comings. I am absolutely, truly flawed. However, that is a part of me. It plays a role in my everyday life. I am as ignorant, as I am smart. I am impulsive in my actions based on my emotions. I always act on my feelings. This is both a blessing and a hindrance. However, these same weaknesses are a product of how deeply I feel as an individual. I do have a working heart, I have an exercised mind. My emotions create trouble, but they also spike my creativity. I am a writer. Through my experiences, good and bad, I can articulate my life story to others. I constantly feel and seek inspiration. It comes from the people in my life, to conversations with strangers, to pain I have had to survive. I have lived to see great times filled with love and peace. I have also lived to see times of discomfort and sadness. I am not better than anyone, but I am different. We all have different stories, with beautifully different messages. I want to whole heartedly share mine with the world.